Simple, Easy Refueling for Drivers with disabilities.

Helping drivers with disabilities find and get assistance refueling their cars.

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Also works using a normal phone by calling up or sending a txt message     Learn How

What's the problem?

Filling up the car is one of the biggest challenges for drivers with a disability. But its also a challenge for gas stations to help, sometimes they have people available, but sometimes they are single manned and can't help for security reasons.

For the driver they don't know which station can help, which can mean driving from station to station to find one that can help.

But when they get to the station its hard to get the attention of the gas station staff. Beeping the horn and holding up your disabled card is embarrassing.

Worse still, if the gas station can't help because they are single manned they can't even come out to say they can't help.

Why FuelService?

fuelService provides drivers with a disability all they need to refuel their cars.

Which Gas Station Can Help?

Your car needs fuel, but which gas station should you go to?

fuelService tells you which nearby stations have assistants available who will refuel your car.

Know Before You Go

How many times have you been to a gas station only to find out they can't help as they only have a single person working?

fuelService lets you find out if the gas station can help before you go there. We call them up and ask if they can help in the next 30 minutes.

Tell them when you arrive

No more beeping your horn to draw attention to yourself

fuelService tells them you have arrived and tells you how many minutes they will be.

No more hoping they have seen you or wondering when they will come.

Using the App

Available for iPhone and Android devices

1. Search for help

Choose your fuel type and simply click the search button

2. Pick a station

Choose a gas station from either a list of stations or from a map view

3. Ask them for help

fuelService will contact the gas station and ask them if they can help

4. Drive to the station

If the station can help, then drive to the station and then tell them when you have arrived

5. Find how long

fuelService tells the gas station and they say how long before they will be out

6. Rate the station

You can rate the station and provide feedback so the station can improve if needed

No need for a smartphone

You can also use fuelService by dialing our interactive voice service or by sending an SMS TXT message.

Just enter the gas stations number and your pump number.

fuelService then contacts the station for you and lets you know the answer.

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