Say Yes to Disabled Drivers

Solve all the challenges for disabled drivers, be up and running in 10 minutes.

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Why FuelService?

fuelService provides disabled drivers with all they need to refuel their cars.

Solve the Problem

Disabled drivers struggle to get gas, for many reasons

fuelService solves all these problems without you having to install anything.

Help drivers when you can, and when you can't there is no inconvience to them.

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fuelService brings disabled drivers to you. With around 2% of the population in a wheelchair there is a demand for companies who cater for them.

Loyalty by disabled drivers who get a good service is very high. Show your community side to improve your brand image.


Most countries have laws that require companies to make reasonable adjustments for disabled people. Such as the Equality Act (2010) in the UK or the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in the US.

fuelService lets you provide a service to meet your requirements.

How It Works At The Gas Station

All you need to do is answer the phone

1. Request for help

A disabled driver uses the fuelService app to request help from you

*Drivers without a smartphone can use the automated voice system or send a txt message*

2. Your phone rings

Your phone rings and its a quick automated message from fuelService. 

You are asked to press 1 if you can help and 2 if you can't.

The response is sent to the disabled driver.

3. Drive to the station

If you told them you could help they then drive to the station and use their app to tell you when they have arrived

4. Your phone rings

Your phone rings and its a quick automated message from fuelService. 

You are told the driver has arrived and which pump number they are parked at.

Lastly you are asked to tell the driver how long you will be, by entering the number of minutes on the keypad

The response is sent to the disabled driver so they know.

5. Get Reviewed

After you service the driver they can provide feedback which you can later review on your private web portal.

Drivers who don't ask first

Sometimes a driver will not ask before coming. 

In this situation a single phone call is made where all the information and questions are asked.

Again you just answer the questions by pressing buttons on the telephone keypad.

Full Reporting

Use the online portal to get full management reports of the service.

Find out the usage, busiest times and more.

Receive feedback on the service from the customers.


Get Started Today

You can deploy fuelService at your gas station in about 10 minutes, there are just a few pieces of information we need and you can be up and running.

All a successful deployment needs is to train your staff on what it is and how it works. We provide all the information for you to do that so it takes minutes for them to be up to speed.

fuelService can be delivered to any number of gas stations, both gas station chains and independant retailers.

Its quick and easy to setup and use. Contact Us and we can get you up and running today!

  • Step 1.
    Provide Information
    Send us basic information (address, phone number, fuel types etc) about the gas station and we add it to the system
  • Step 2.
    Train Staff
    Use the leaflet to explain the service to your staff so they know what happens when the phone rings and what to do. Only takes a few minutes to read and understand.
  • Step 3.
    Let us know you are ready
    Once all your staff know, let us know and we will turn the service on and do a quick test. Only takes about 5 minutes. Disabled drivers will now be able to contact you using fuelService.
Deployment Documents

Guides and Leaflets

Please use the following documents and leaflets to roll out the service. The deployment guide should answer any of your questions and help you to have a quick and successful deployment.
We are happy to customise these for you with logos and wording changes as you require. We can also deliver ready printed versions to you.